What is Q Consultancy?

Q Consultancy is a group of volunteers who want to help organisations around the world grow and develop. Combined, the team has years of experience running tournaments, communicating quidditch, and organising fundraising events.

The organisation supports events committees, quidditch teams, and national governing bodies to make the best impact possible, strengthening the sport and showcasing our combined values.

How is this different from other quidditch organisations?

Q Consultancy is a non-affiliated organisation; all organisations and teams have the same goal of expanding quidditch and exemplifying its values, and we assist with those goals.

The organisation is also a mix of mostly advisory and sometimes active, ensuring that events are run as well as possible and that skills can be shared.

Should we approach the organisation? Or does the organisation approach us?

At times, Q Consultancy will approach organisations if they feel they can assist. Otherwise, we encourage organisations to approach us if they need advice or assistance. 

What is the organisation’s internal structure?

There is a general talent pool of volunteers available to help with projects as they come in. Depending on how free people are, or the right fit of skills, people volunteer to help.

We believe this approach means people are not contained within departments, but are allocated based on availability and relevance of skills.

Is this a paid service?

Q Consultancy is primarily a free service. We believe that our assistance should be available to all organisations that require it, in order to grow quidditch worldwide and promote its values.

Please note that if you want to work with us on a for-profit project, such as your own quidditch-related business, we might charge a small fee. This is discussed and decided on a case-by-case basis.

Why run on a project basis?

One of the key issues in the quidditch community is that volunteers are burned out from overwork, for a variety of reasons. Q Consultancy is formed of full-time working people who want to help whilst balancing their other priorities. We believe this approach helps nurture the sustainable growth of quidditch in a pragmatic and effective manner.

What is your process when choosing and allocating projects?

When a project comes in, we package it up and identify the skills needed to help it succeed. The project is then proposed internally, and volunteers decide which parts fit their skills, and however much time they can commit.

Once allocated, the team will then support the organisation with the project.

What is an example of a project?

Let’s say the Denmark NGB needs assistance and advice with their national tournament. They contact us specifying what assistance they need.

Internally, we allocate two communications specialists, and one organisation specialist.

The two communications specialists spends an evening training the team on the best and most efficient way of promoting a tournament, giving the skills the team needs to do it themselves.

The organisation specialist also spends an afternoon teaching the process on how to run a tournament, so that it runs as smoothly as possible.

The organisation specialist can also be in the organising committee, overseeing the operations and offering advice when needed.

How much will the Q Consultancy assist with a project?

The scope of work will be outlined ahead of Q Consultancy agreeing to help with a project. Our intention is to equip volunteers with the tools and skills needed to execute the work themselves.

What is Q Support?

Q Support is a mediator and advisory service where we help resolve the disputes between team members, coaches, or volunteers. We will offer advice to coaches who need assistance handling issues, or step in as a middle-person to alleviate a situation.

For example, let’s say a player feels that a coach treats them poorly, but unsure who to turn to. We can offer confidential advice on the best steps to take to resolve the situation. 

Alternatively, a coach may feel that they are receiving a lot of abuse from players during training. We can offer advice on how to best handle the situation. 

What will Q Consultancy assist with?

  1. Quidditch tournaments, including their communications and logistical running
  2. Speaking events, including outreach and speaker preparation
  3. Funding events, and reaching a wider audience
  4. Organisation processes, such as how to run an NGB effectively
  5. More, depending on the project

Are there restrictions to what Q Consultancy can help with?

We will consider all potential projects on a case by case basis, then allocate team members based on the goals and requirements.