Tom Ffiske

Tom Ffiske is the Founder of Q Consultancy. Since 2015, Tom worked and collaborated to increase the reach and reputation of the sport, in the UK and globally. He helped start the Quidditch Premier League in 2016, and was Communications Director until 2019. The league became a national and international news story, getting the attention of J.K. Rowling and millions of others. 

While part of the International Quidditch Association in 2017-18, Tom helped organise the IQA World Cup, from social media campaigns to partnership opportunities and press conferences. The opening ceremony was livestreamed by the Associated Press, and was treated as a Top News story by Reuters. Tom now runs Q Consultancy to help grow quidditch internationally. 

In his spare time Tom likes to play video games, write about VR, and watch YouTube documentaries about Flat Earthers.

Chula Bruggeling

Chula Bruggeling is the Q Consultancy staffer with perhaps the most varied experience within the sport. She has more than 10 years of experience in volunteering and volunteer leadership, ranging from local to international, both within quidditch and outside of it. 

After starting to play and co-founding her quidditch team in 2014, she took a seat on her team’s board, and quickly became a tournament volunteer and referee, and later on team coach. She jumped from Wageningen Werewolves Boardmember to becoming NGB President and representative towards Quidditch Europe (QE) and the International Quidditch Association (IQA), before later becoming QE’s Secretary and Interim Manager. Meanwhile, refereeing and being a tournament volunteer soon progressed to becoming an IQA Rulebook Team Member and Field Test Proctor and her NGB’s Referee Coordinator, as well as a variety of Tournament Committee positions. 

She helped organise and run a variety of tournaments, including two European Quidditch Cups and one IQA World Cup, as Referee Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, Gameplay Director, and/or Assistant Tournament Director. Chula also spend some time as part of the quidditch media organisation the Quidditch Post, first as a writer and Northern Europe Editor, then as its Europe Director, followed by half a year as its CEO. 

Outside of quidditch, Chula has been a long-time volunteer for the Organisation for Transformative Work, is a recreational chess player and youth chess trainer, and is working towards her degree in Molecular Life Sciences. For Q Consultancy, Chula advices on a variety of topics, with a focus on quidditch leadership and tournament organisation.

Ana Blaž

Ana Blaž joined her first quidditch team, Aemona Argonauts Ljubljana, in fall 2016. She was a part of the organising committee for the first and only Slovenian tournament, The Golden Nut. In the 2018-19 season, she is doing gameplay for EQC D1, and international PR for the IQA European Games 2019. She joined Q Consultancy to offer her experiences with coming from an emerging area and getting to know the European quidditch scene, both through the eyes of her NGB and an event committee member. 

When she’s not doing quidditch stuff, Ana is working towards her bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, where she wants to specialise in environmental protection. She particularly likes mushroom soup and is a passionate amateur ballroom dancer.

Anna O'Gara

Anna O’Gara has been involved in social media for quidditch for nearly 2 years, starting by running the Twitter account for her local team, Manchester Universities Quidditch Club. Soon after, she joined the Quidditch Premier League, making content for the teams’ social media pages and working in the communications department writing press releases, speaking with news outlets, and giving radio interviews. She is now Acting Communications Director for the League and is eager to see how she can help it grow.

Aside from working towards a degree in Neuroscience, Anna can make a mean quidditch meme, makes a playlist for every month, and has an uncanny knack for the “before they were famous” round in pub quizzes.

Lore Flourite

Lore Flourite joined the quidditch scène in April 2018 after writing her communication advice bachelorthesis on Belgian Quidditch Federation with a focus on identity and imago. After that, she really couldn’t leave and joined the federation as their Marketing/Communications Director and also last-minute became the Gryffins’Team Manager for World Cup. 

Not sitting still, she also joined the Quidditch Premier League as their Communications Executive for Belgium and The Netherlands. Currently she is also Assistant Tournament Director/PR for European Quidditch Dup 2019 D1. 

Lore has a bachelors degree in Communications and is working her way through a Masters in Communications Sciences. Furthermore, she was Student Council President at her university while being internal manager for a communication agency within her course. She specializes in Branding, Public Relations and Press.

Fiona Stephens

Fiona Stephens became aware of quidditch in the summer of 2014, having met a Nottingham player on Tinder. They went to watch their first tournament (East Midlands Cup) and that was it, they were hooked. They didn’t start playing until September 2016, when they joined Loughborough Longshots and stayed for 2 seasons there, and played the first ever season with East Midlands Archers for Quidditch Premier League. 

This last year Fiona has been training with Velociraptors Quidditch Club, and is playing one last season as part of West Midlands Revolution before (hopefully only temporary) retirement. They are also excited to captain a mercenary team at Queen’s Cup, a tournament aimed at AFAB and female identifying players, run by Velociraptors Quidditch Club. Work wise Fiona has volunteered with QuidditchUK for the last year, as part of the Development Cup 2018 committee and in the Communications department as an Assistant PR Coordinator. 

Fiona has a bachelors degree in Music Business and also volunteer as a journalist for Roadie Live, an online music publication.

Juliane Schillinger

Juliane Schillinger is one of Q Consultancy’s experts on public relations and fundraising. She has been involved with the quidditch community since 2013 and became a leading figure in German quidditch when she pushed for the establishment of Deutscher Quidditchbund (DQB), the German national governing body, in 2014. She was DQB’s PR Director and board member from the organizations inception up until 2018. During this time, Juliane established quidditch firmly in the country’s sports landscape, leading to a rapid growth of the German quidditch community which is now one of the largest quidditch nations worldwide. Her most notable successes with DQB include the successful bid for the IQA World Cup 2016 in Frankfurt, Germany and her work on the event’s domestic promotion and media outreach, drawing more than 2000 spectators to Frankfurt and landing the tournament press coverage worldwide. 

Next to her PR work, Juliane has been Team Germany’s manager since 2015. She has organized several highly successful crowdfunding campaigns for the German national team and established long-term cooperations with partner organisations and sponsors. In the preparation for the IQA World Cup 2018 in Florence, Italy, she also supported other national teams in their fundraising efforts. Beyond DQB, Juliane has been involved with the Quidditch Premier League’s European expansion as German Communications Executive and is an enthusiastic quidditch photographer. She founded two quidditch teams in Germany and the Netherlands and, if the rumours are true, occasionally plays the sport herself. 

In the so-called ‘real life’, Juliane is a PhD researcher in the Netherlands, working on local water management in the Middle East. She is also a member of the World Youth Parliament for Water, where she advocates for youth involvement in decision-making processes and the public debate on resource management, and an avid consumer of kitten videos.

Henni Schreurs

Henni Schreurs entered the world of quidditch in late 2015 and never looked back. As co-founder, captain and social media person of Looping Lux Leipzig for two years, she has conquered the troubles of setting up a new team when quidditch in Germany was still in early childhood. Since then, she hardly missed any German or international tournament and always gets involved as a volunteer. Henni has become an experienced referee and can often be heard as a livestream commentator. 

For her now former team’s tournament, the Wildlynx Cup 2018, she ran a very successful social media campaign. And for the IQA European Games 2019, she joined the committee of a major international tournament for the first time and took on the responsibility for PR Germany. 

Henni is a journalist with a background in theatre studies, acting, literature and voice over. As a trainee in broadcasting, she is currently learning how to tell stories for TV, radio and the digital world. She lost count on how many times she explained and praised quidditch in various ways. Wake her up at 4 am and within 5 min she will make you want to see and play the sport. And then she will hand you a list with tipps and easy apps to make your own praise of quidditch more effective on social media.

Ajantha Abey

Ajantha Abey (“AJ”) started to play quidditch in 2014 with the University of Sydney (USYD) Unspeakables in Australia, but spent a year abroad playing in the UK with the Bristol Bears in 2015-16, where he also began photographing quidditch in a serious way, through Ajantha Abey Quidditch Photography.

 Returning home after World Cup 2016, Ajantha became president of USYD Quidditch Club for the next two years, rebuilding the club which became one of the largest and most successful in the Southern Hemisphere, fielding three competitive teams, and winning several championships. Leading USYD, Ajantha gained experience in quidditch recruitment and wrote an extensive guide on the subject with a focus on social media and club culture, and a new evidence-based guide from a large international recruitment survey is in the works. Additionally, he was involved in the club as Head Coach and Unspeakables Captain for a year a piece, as well as helping to develop new tactics and playing styles for the Bristol Bears, and has plenty of experience, ideas, and resources on teaching, coaching, and captaining quidditch. Moving on from USYD in 2019, Ajantha now plays for the Sydney City Serpents and fills his pathological need to be on Slack teams by the board of Quidditch Australia as Media & Expansion Director, as well as Quidditch Australia’s delegate to the IQA Congress. In the past, Ajantha has also been involved with the Quidditch Post as Visuals Editor and Director, and has developed a reputation as a photographer at a large number of local and international tournaments. 

In his spare time, Ajantha recently finished his undergraduate degree in Neuroscience, Latin, and Ancient History, and is currently working as a lab researcher investigating Alzheimer’s Disease in both dogs and humans. He also loves a good spaghetti bolognese.

Lena Mandahus

Lena Mandahus has been playing quidditch since 2014, when she started playing with the Vienna Vanguards in Austria. 

In 2017 she became the President of Quidditch Austria, leading the country and expanding its presence nationally. In her time she grew the organisation, and the number of teams it governs, several times over. Alongside these duties, she captained the Austrian national quidditch team and worked as European Editor of the Quidditch Post. Lena has one of the most diverse skillsets of the quidditch community, with a deep understanding of their needs. Lena currently plays for Southampton Quidditch Club, translates content in the Quidditch Premier League, and works as a vegan chef. 

In her spare time she trials new recipes, helps quidditch volunteers, and watches cat videos.

Gio Forino

Gio Forino has been in the community since 2017. He plays for the London Unspeakables, training new players and competing nationally. Gio worked as Head Coach for the Expansion Squad, driving quidditch talent and increasing the quality of gameplay in the UK. Gio also volunteers in the Quidditch Premier League, creating social assets to increase reach and engagement, as well as the professional image of quidditch. 

Outside of quidditch, Gio worked for Unilad, and the Hook as a Producer, and enjoys getting tattoos.r

Annemieke Drost

Annemieke Drost is one of the two livestream experts at Q Consultancy. She joined quidditch in 2016 when promised herself she would start playing sports again and would attend the open practise of the local quidditch team and the local soccer team. She never did make it to that soccer practise. Annemieke knew she’d found her niche in the community after she was coincidentally scheduled as the only camera person at the German Championships 2017. 

A few months later, she also covered all but one camera slots at the European Games in Oslo, which promptly made her one of the more experienced European livestreamers. After writing 5000 words on how to organise a good livestream over summer, she joined the Ruhr Phoenix TV team. With this dream team she went on to cover the European Quidditch Cup 2018, World Cup 2018, and more. In fall 2018, she also wrote “Are we breaking gender rule” on the gender gap in quidditch commentary. 

In her non-stream life, Annemieke is pursuing a Masters in Ecology and Conservation at Wageningen University, where she also coaches the local quidditch team. She’s also occasionally found in the streets protesting to persuade authorities to act on the climate crisis.

Alex Benepe

Alex is a co-founder of the sport of real-life quidditch as well as US Quidditch and the International Quidditch Association. He is currently based in Los Angeles and leads the Innovation Team at Sky Zone.

Alex will advise organisations from a business perspective, based on the projects Q Consultancy handles.

Umut Baran Zorlu

Umut’s duty at Q Consultancy is to help organisations establish their brand. Although he is young, he has already made a massive impact in the quidditch community. 

His quidditch career started two years ago with Centaurs Quidditch, after which he joined his current team, the BOUN Renegades. In a short period, he found himself organising the third Istanbul Quidditch Cup with his community. Eventually Quidditch Europe’s headhunters managed to find him, and he became the Graphic Designer of the European Quidditch Cup in 2019. 

Outside of quidditch, he works for his football data analysis start-up called Comparisonator. In his spare time, he enjoys exploring new cultures and trying new dishes. 

Timo Ramsauer

Timo Ramsauer has been part of the quidditch community since 2016. He got hooked at NTNUI in Norway, moved to Bremen and Darmstadt in Germany, then back to Norway and was a founding member of Oslo’s new club Sagene, where he became part of the Norwegian national team. He is now coaching in Bremen again and he lives on the pitch joining every tournament he can.

His focus is on tournament committee work. Timo started an application for the EQC Qualifier 2017 in Germany and was Assistant Tournament Director. After that, he was Tournament Director of two German Championships, the biggest German tournament with 34 participating teams in 2019. In addition, he was Gameplay director in Norway’s EQC Qualifier Oslo Open in 2018. Along the way, he was part of many success stories and also gained a lot of valuable experience with things that can go wrong and how to deal with them, while keeping a cool head.

He joined Q Consultancy to help other committees organize great tournaments all over the world and to share experiences.