Diogo Broda

Known by all, Diogo Broda, began his quidditch journey with the Rio Ravens team in 2012. His dedication and commitment gave him the rank of captain in 2013. With the growth of the sport in the country, Diogo joined other team members and formed the Brazilian Association of quidditch.

Diogo has been committed to the development of the sport to date, helping with his experience and dedication. It is one of the top refereeing and rule-making names and has greatly helped new players evolve. He currently serves as Chief Executive Officer, a position he has held for a long time and his work is invaluable.

In 2018, he participated in the team that represented Brazil in the Word Cup of Italy, realizing a dream after having been away from physical activities due to health problems. Currently, Broda dedicates his time only to the Association and the development of the national championship and support to the state. Diogo, thank you so much for everything you’ve done and done for our quidditch!

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