QNL Volunteers

As QNL we first would like to thank our entire community. Almost everyone of them has at least volunteered once and without them, we couldn’t function the way we do!

(Photo credit: Bruggeling Quidditch Photography, themselves, Louk Weijtmans)

We then have some volunteers we want to give special thanks to. First of all, our League committee, Matthijs Stegeman, Kevin Eijkenboom, Madieke van Hintum, Jessie van Doesburg, Carlotte Velthuijs en Lars van den Broek. They worked hard to make our league run perfect!

(Photo credit: Bruggeling Quidditch Photography, themselves and Famfrpálové fotky Ondry Hujňáka)

Another hardworking committee is our ODSC committee! Madieke van Hintum, Thijs Desain, Emma Labohm, Bram Vries, Noah Vissenberg, Robin Mier, Jonas Bak and Gaëlle Pelupessy are working hard to make ODSC 2019 an absolute success!

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