Matt Bateman

Raised around the New Zealand Capitol of Wellington, quidditch around the world has a lot to thank from its quirky citizen Matt. With aspirations in fine arts and film, Matt began building his career in the film industry before moving to the UK in 2015 to pursue his passion… and discovered another. With a keen mind and solid intellect he naturally gravitated towards beating and rapidly rose to prominence as Vice-President of Quidditch UK within a year.    

Matt also was on the founding committee for Quidditch New Zealand creating its national logo and bringing his wealth of experience in commercial directing to create structured National Governing Bodies. In addition to his prowess in admin, he also boasts an impressive resume as one of the best snitch referees in Europe, being the snitch ref for both World Cup final matches in 2016 and 2018.  Matt has worked not-so-quietly behind the scenes, showing true leadership and affection for the sport despite what he may tell you otherwise.

For years, Matt pushed strongly the benefits of a New Zealand team attending the Quidditch World Cup and in 2017 that dream became a reality. He was announced as a manager for the Black Brooms and Captained the team to a 20th ranking at World Cup 2018. He strives for development in his professional, athletic and administrative quidditch life, making juggling success in all three areas seem like a breeze. Matt has signed on as a selector for the New Zealand Black Brooms World Cup 2020 and despite not having an official role in QuANZ, continues to nurture its development.  

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