Marian Dziubiak

My story with Quidditch began during a weekend of summer 2014. Friends took me for a walk to Saski park where a friendly match between Quidditch Hussars and Płonące Miotły Zagłady team took place. I really enjoyed the idea of the sport so I decided to join practices. That wasn’t too hard that time, our level of play was pretty low.

From that day a lot has changed. I am IT and I like rules so quickly enough I passed reffing exams. At EQC 2016 in Gallipoli I reffed as much as I could and learned from other more experienced refs. In 2017 whole management of our NGB, PLQ, was being changed. I remember neither the questions they asked me nor what I answered but the important thing is that it was good enough for me to become a new Gameplay Director. New management, new image, new goals. My main task was translating Rulebook to Polish and making Polish ref tests. The Rulebook was mostly translated already so my work was significantly shorter here. A website with Polish referee tests proved to be more challenging on the other hand. The portal had problems with hosting and I had to manually restart it every 2 days. I had to rewrite it to another engine in a week. Just a week before Winter Games, first league matches organised by the new management.

Next season brought 3 league tournaments not 1 as it was before. It meant much more work with match and ref scheduling. In this year a new Rulebook was released, which I had to translate mostly by myself. New rules meant an actualisation of our ref website as well.

So I had a few achievements but what is most important to me is that in Poland they started to call me the Legend. Mainly because of what I did. Partly because I’m a quite atypical guy.

Asking about motivation? For sport – a counterweight to many hours a day spent in front of a computer. For our NGB – someone just had to do it and I was the person with the necessary skills and willingness. But the biggest motivation is the people. If not for Quidditch I wouldn’t have that many friends of whom some are really close – my team. Neither in junior high school nor high school, I didn’t have close relations with anyone and friends from primary school took another patch of life. So I’m really glad of all that happened after me seeing the friendly match of Quidditch for the first time in 2014.

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