Emma Humphrey (a.k.a Jandels)

After growing up in the remote town of Christchurch, New Zealand, Emma travelled to Melbourne, Australia to complete her undergraduate degree in physics. After stumbling upon the sport in early 2015, within a year she founded Quidditch New Zealand Association Inc and began plans to bring the sport back to her home country. Growing a new sport is never easy, building equipment, a national tournament and a strong outreach, all had to be done from scratch in a country separated by 2000km of the ocean from the rest of the world. Emma fulfilled a large number of roles within QuANZ from President to Treasurer to Communications Officer, driven by the saying “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has” – Margaret Mead.  

After running two successful New Zealand Quidditch Camps with two national tournaments, it was time to send a team to the World Cup in 2018. With a bit of encouragement, Emma took on the role of Manager to bring a team of 13 kiwis to the World Cup. Putting her job and university studies on hold, she raised over $5000 NZD whilst also training to compete on the team herself as a lateral/wing chaser and seeker.

Now, she is hungry for more. Emma is now taking a gap year in the U.K competing with the London Monarchs in the Quidditch Premier league, whilst travelling around Europe coaching as many small league clubs as she can to spread the skills she has learned these last 5 years. Her passion lies in development for women within the sport and fighting societal conventions to place females in unconventional roles. She is now fronting the efforts to send a second team to World Cup 2020 in the United States, developing her athleticism on the pitch and behind a computer as a powerhouse administrator.      

“Quidditch has shown me how easy it is to have a positive and meaningful impact on other peoples lives. Seeing the joy this sport has given me light up in another’s eyes is the most rewarding thing in the world” – Emma

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