Dominika Żarnecka

My story with Quidditch began about 18 years ago when together with friends from kindergarten we were crazy about Harry Potter and tried to play wizard’s sport according to our own rules… But that doesn’t count I guess. The adventure with Quidditch we know these days (and the one of which I’m not the author of the rules, unfortunately) started in 2016 after one of open practises organised by Warsaw Mermaids. I had never been interested in the sport too much, but huge positive energy of Mermaids made me join the team as their chaser.

In the summer of 2017 elections of the new management of our Polish NGB (PLQ) had been organised. The sport was developing rapidly in Poland and I wanted to be part of it so I decided to apply. That’s how I was chosen as Administrative Director and a year later – PLQ’s President. During that time I was helping with the organisation of two editions of Slavic Cup, created by Joanna Cielecka, as well as league matches where I helped more or less… That’s how I was slowly collecting experience.

When the time of applying for EQC 2019 came I wasn’t sure about sending bid for Warsaw right away. I was worrying if we’re going to manage to organise such a big and most of all, important, tournament. Maybe it’s better if we wait a bit longer? Collect more experience? Apply next year? But 2019 was a year when EQC Division 2 was planned for only 16 teams. Every next year the organisation would be harder! I took the risk, made a bid for Warsaw- and we were chosen as the organisers. Not long after those elections to organising committee took place and I was nominated as Tournament Director… A little bit because of the lack of volunteers, a bit because I am living at the place of the tournament in Warsaw, and a bit because someone believed that I can make it. And actually I really could, mainly thanks to priceless committee members, who helped me on every stage of the organisation.  No one died, nothing burned in flames. And stress which accompanied months of preparation proved to be nothing compared to joy and satisfaction from a well-runned tournament.

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