Caroline Katie Mailleux​

Caroline is the type of volunteer that is sadly, really, really underappreciated. Always there to help everyone out, but never asks for any kind of thanks. However, as this week is ‘Week of the Volunteer’, what better moment than to put her in the spotlight? Caroline is part of Brussels Quidditch Club, which she has been a member of since the start when the club was still named Brussels Qwaffles.

She’s had many positions within the club, such as president, beater coach, team building manager and multiple things related to fundraising and recruiting. But even without an official position, she’s still always looking out for everyone, to make sure that the club is a safe haven for everyone. At one point, she was also a part of Belgian Quidditch Federation where she did translation work, since the NGB has three languages.

However, that is not the only role she has played in the NGB. During her years in the council of the Brussels Qwaffles, she was also representative for the club and had a seat in the General Assembly of Belgian Quidditch Federation. Currently, she is part of the Brussels’ Atoms for the Quidditch Premier League. Aside from her many volunteer positions, Caroline is one of the friendliest people in quidditch. If you don’t know her yet, you should totally get to know her. She’ll brighten your day.

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