Brynja Pálína Sigurgeirsdóttir​

Brynja is the most important volunteer that Team Iceland has ever had. Without her, Iceland would not have been at the Odense Tournament or World Cup 2018. The amount of dedication and work that Brynja has put into the team is absolutely incredible. She has taken care of the accounting for the team since the beginning, she’s part of the coaching team for Team Iceland, she makes promotional videos, she organizes fundraisers and asks companies for sponsorships so that the rest of us can afford to go to tournaments.

She cares for her team, sometimes a little bit too much for her own good, but she does care a lot and wants to make sure that every single player, staff and volunteer has the best experience possible. And she does this all without pay, and without much recognition for the amount of work she puts into making everything run smoothly.

You can say without a doubt that she is the backbone of quidditch in Iceland. Last year when we were preparing to go to World Cup a few of our players were worrying that the trip might be a bit too expensive for them. Brynja then took it upon herself to contact a fundraising company and created a fundraising campaign where every player could sell various products to their friends and family. Not only did she organize it, but when the items arrived, and let me tell you there was a lot of items, she stored it all in her apartment until the players picked them up. The toilet paper alone took up half the living room in her apartment.

But with this fundraiser we managed to get a team to World Cup and most of the thanks for that goes to Brynja. Quidditch Iceland wouldn’t be where we are without volunteers like Brynja and hopefully her work will be an inspiration to a new generation of quidditch volunteers all around the world.

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