Adrian Kałużny​

As far as I can remember I was involved in society, firstly as a volunteer in community day care centre and with the events in the place of which I am from. Willingness for taking activity and selflessness I learned at home from my parents who use to do a lot of good things for others. After moving to Wrocław for studies I didn’t want to waste any time so I decided to find new activities, best if connected to both: enjoyable time-spending and something useful for society – volunteering! I started with joining student council and helping with organising time for habitants of social welfare homes. Next years in Wrocław made me set up a Quidditch team, Wrocław Wanderers – the sport took my whole heart. Shows, tournaments, then joining PLQ (Polish NGB) management, organisation of Slavic Cup, help with setting up new teams and workshops for kids in schools. All of that makes me sure my time isn’t wasted.

A bit more about setting up our team, which was one of the best choices I took in my life. My first contact with the sport I had during fantasy convent. After speaking with Jagoda Sadecka I decided to start Quidditch in Wrocław. I met Maja Bartnik on Facebook and we both met a few times to talk all the details, establish the name for the team and decide when to start. In October we made a trip to a store to make the equipment. We asked already existing teams from other cities for help and started advertising in social and traditional media. At the end, we managed to gather quite a big group of people.

Every time I see all those new people practising our sport and building a harmonious team I smile involuntarily. Setting up a team I recall as something for which firstly you need just a couple of days and a few friends to come. Then suddenly you’re willing to give it more and more of your time, just to meet all those new people. Now my energy spent on Wrocław Wanderers I can see in their successes. It would never be possible without the hard work of our team’s management and coaches. While working with PLQ we even managed to organise league matches in Wrocław a few times. Thanks to my team I’m fulfilling myself in sport and have not a moment of inactivity – I give it all my free time.

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